Barbell Club

Enjoy customized, regularly-updated workout programming so you’ll always know what to do in the gym through our coached group training sessions.  There you’ll get personal attention and on-going instruction from your coach.  You’ll also benefit from an awesome built-in support network.

Explosive Performance Class

The Utah Iron Explosive Performance class is designed to help athletes develop strength, power, and speed—taking their game to the next level. The class will be limited in size providing each athlete with frequent one-on-one coaching. The class will focus on both Olympic and power lifting movements, and is designed to meet the specific needs of each athlete participating—whether novice, advanced, or somewhere in between.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching provides to most personalized instruction and will provide the quickest gains.  Whether you’re not quite comfortable to train on your own, would prefer to not be in the Barbell Club, or just looking for direct attention from your strength coach you’ll love our best-in-class coaching staff.  Your coach will design your personalized training program, and provide individualized feedback on your performance through semi-weekly meetings.

Nutritional Coaching

Are you confused by all of the nutrition information bombarding you from the news, social media, and the fitness industry?  You’re not alone.  Come meet with our qualified and personable nutritionist who will listen to you and your goals. With the right combination of science and experience, we can create create a plan that fits you. To sign up, reach out to