Group Classes

Barbell Club

This evening class is built around the core compound movements: squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead press. Perfect for anyone looking to build their strength, technique, and fundamentals.

Balanced Stamina and Strength

This early-morning class is designed to help athletes develop strength, power, and speed. The class will focus on both Olympic and power lifting movements, and is designed to meet the specific needs of each athlete participating—whether novice, advanced, or somewhere in between.

Strongman Group

This is for those who wish to compete or practice the sport of Strongman(woman). Using implements such as yoke, log, atlas stones, kegs, sandbags, etc.; along with basic barbell movements and accessories to take your Strongman game to the next level!

Personal Training

Personal training provides the most personalized instruction and the quickest gains, designed specifically around your goals, needs, injuries, etc.

Nutritional Coaching

Come meet with our experts who will listen to you and your goals, and create create a plan that fits you and gets you where you want to be. For more info, reach out to